Commercial dehumidifier for large spaces.

CD-85L commercial dehumidifier is the best selling unit in the Middle East. This commercial industrial dehumidifier reviews are positive. The purpose of this review is to educate users about the pros and cons of this model. Let’s understand the feature, price, and other technical aspects of CD-85L.

In this article, we focus on each USP of CD85L dehumidifier. This model offered by Control Technologies in UAE. This commercial dehumidification unit has an extraction capacity of 85 liters per day. We also have swimming pool dehumidifier and portable dehumidifier for commercial purpose.

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Large Commercial dehumidifier CD-85L.

CD-85L is a portable type large dehumidifier that has a capacity of eighty-five liters. Hence, it is a commercial duty dehumidifier. This commercial-grade dehumidifier has an LCD control panel.

This commercial dehumidifier has a unique feature of the corrosive proof casing. Thus, the unit is suitable for construction and oilfield sites. Body casing can withstand impacts. The housing has only to molded panels. Durable pneumatic wheels with push handle make this unit portable.

The footprint of this unit is small, which occupies less space. In other words, this is a compact large room dehumidifier. The unit fitted with a powerful pump. As a result, it can push condensate water even at a 1.5-meter height if required.

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Operating panel of a large commercial industrial dehumidifier.

Large dehumidifier has operating panel.

The Control panel of this high capacity dehumidifier has LCD. Besides, it has LED indications. The right side of the LCD always shows the current room temperature. And, the left side of the LCD panel displays a set humidity level. CD-85L commercial dehumidifier has a hygrometer.

Please note that the user can set the desired humidity level. The user can set humidity levels with the help of an increase and decrease buttons. As a result of this, the unit cut off according to a set humidity level. This large dehumidifier has three LED indications. Those are, Purge, Defrosting and power LED sign. When the unit powered, the power LED will glow red.

Unique features of the commercial dehumidifiers.

The unit has an automatic defrosting feature. Defrosting means, whenever ice forms on the coils, the system activates defrosting mode. The efficiency of the system gets reduce when ice forms. Thus, defrosting required to remove ice on the coil.

Purge LED glows whenever the unit purges water from its internal reservoir. By default, commercial desiccant dehumidifiers will purge before switching off.

Before shifting the commercial grade dehumidifier, always press the purge button. By doing so, the internal tank gets empty. And, chances of spilling water while transporting get removed. The “T” button uses to know working hours.

When you press the “T” button once, you can see the total working time since it recently switched on. And, when you press this button twice, it will give total working hours during its lifetime.

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How CD-85L Best Commercial dehumidifier works?

CD-85L commercial dehumidifier by CtrlTech.

Humid air passed over the coil, where humidity condensate into water. After that, this condensate water then pushed out with the help of a drainage pump. Dry air discharge from the backside.

Users can connect a flexible duct to a round collar outlet. Flexible duct used to deliver dry air in a specific direction. When commercial dehumidifier not in use, you can wound drainage pipe and power cable to a holder.

The positioning of the unit.

For the best performance, a large dehumidifier should position as per guidelines. A wrong placement will reduce the performance of the unit. Dry air discharge round collar provided at the backside. Hence, a clearance of 80 cm needed at the backside of the system.

CD-85L system has a filter that can access from the front side. Hence, there should 50 cm clearance to change the filter. For smooth movement, please provide space of at least 30cm on both sides.

If you are using a flexible duct, then make sure that the duct not folded anywhere. In such cases, the back pressure can damage commercial dehumidifiers.

Commissioning procedure.

Press the power button to start the unit. The unit will take humid air intake from the front side. Filter at the inlet can be wash and clean regularly. The unit works on the condensation principle. So, it is also known as a condensation industrial dehumidifier.

You should connect the drainage pipe tight and proper. Since this dehumidifier has a pump, you can take drainpipe up to a height of 4.5 meters. Please note, if pipe placed very high or if there is fold in the pipe, then water can cause backflow. And, it can damage the pump, and the commercial dehumidifier will stop working.

Commercial dehumidifier applications.

Dehumidifiers for commercial use can be used for any industrial applications. Some of the application are as follow:

  1. Pharma products need low moisture level storage. Thus, It can use in a medicine storage warehouse.
  2. Used in food processing and packaging industry.
  3. It used in the marine industry during shipbuilding.
  4. Humidity in the pump room can destroy the pump itself. Hence, the dehumidifier used in the pump stations.

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FAQs About Commercial Dehumidifier:

Do I need a commercial dehumidifier?

The answer depends on where you are going to use it. For residential use, you do not need a commercial-grade dehumidifier. But, at an industrial and construction site, you need a robust and reliable system. Thus it would help if you had a commercial dehumidifier for such applications.

What features to look for in a commercial dehumidifier?

Some of the essential features you should consider while buying a commercial system are as follow:

  1. Robustness and durability.
  2. Built-in condensate pump.
  3. High airflow.
  4. User-adjustable humidity level.
  5. Automatic operation.
  6. Auto turns off when the tank gets full. (if the unit has a condensate tank)
  7. Automatic defrost.

How do commercial dehumidifiers work?

These dehumidifiers consist of coils and a compressor. Compressor keeps the surface of the coil cold by passing evaporating refrigerant through it. When humid air passed over the cold surface of coils, moisture converts into physical water. Thus, it reduces the humidity level of the air. The capacity of a commercial dehumidifier depends on the size of compressors and coils.

What does a commercial dehumidifier do?

The commercial dehumidification system generates dry air, which helps preserve goods or act as a catalyst to reduce the processing period. In other words, it creates low humidity climate conditions to prevent damage to stored goods, building and helps to improve indoor air quality. 

How long does a commercial dehumidifier last?

A good quality industrial dehumidifier lasts for four to seven years, depending on its use and regular maintenance. It is recommended to have regular preventive maintenance of the units to enhance their lifespan.

What are the two types of commercial dehumidifiers based on working principles?

inherent property of silica to absorb the humidity. In contrast, condensation-based units are referred to as refrigerant or mechanical dehumidifiers. 

Industrial dehumidifiers

Many commercial processes need an industrial dehumidifier. Low humidity required to maintain product quality during manufacturing. Hence, industrial air dehumidifier act as a catalyst. CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier manufacturers and offers a wide range of the system.

  1. Industrial dehumidifier UAE
  2. Industrial dehumidifiers Qatar
  3. Industrial dehumidifiers Oman
  4. Industrial dehumidifiers Kuwait
  5. Industrial dehumidifiers Saudi Arabi
  6. Industrial dehumidifiers Dubai
  7. Industrial dehumidifiers Abu Dhabi

And all other regions of UAE and Middle East Countries

In short, these units use during industrial processes and storage. Industrial dehumidifier UAE helps to create a dry condition to maintain the quality of products.

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Benefits of the industrial dehumidifier

Even after production, some products need low humidity storage.  Large commercial dehumidifier helps create a dry environment. Properties of the product might get a change in high moisture. For example, high moisture in drug production can change the chemical formulation.

Also, in the case of food storage, high humidity can spoil food due to the formation of fungus. During shipping, goods get exposed to high moisture. Hence, most of the ships have an industrial dehumidifier machine. CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier Dubai offers boat dehumidifier also.

Expensive electronics on the ship can malfunction in a humid environment. As are a result, it can lead to a severe accident. In turn, it will increase voyage time. Rusting of mechanical metal equipment on the ship is a significant concern. It can avoid with an efficient heavy-duty dehumidifier.

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What is an industrial type dehumidifier?

Industrial dehumidifier specifications are different than a home dehumidifier. Although, both are working on the same principle. Commercial grade dehumidifier designed for industrial processes and storage applications. These units are generally having an extraction capacity of more than 80 liters per day.

Difference between home & industrial dehumidifier.

CtrlTech is the reliable brand of an industrial dehumidifier in Dubai. Their product gamut includes 26 different models. They manufacture both home and commercial units. Airflow is the significant difference between these two units. An industrial dehumidifier UAE always has vast airflow than the home units.

Type of industrial dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier types based on mountings are wall mount, portable, and duct. Most of the units work on condensation principle. So, these units remove moisture from the air by condensation. However, cooler places need a desiccant type unit. For example, cold storage rooms need a desiccant dehumidifier.

In such places, we need to go for the desiccant type of units only. These are the two main types of dehumidifiers used in industrial applications.

Applications of the industrial dehumidifier in UAE.

Some of the vital application of an industrial dehumidifier in Dubai are as follow:

  • Plane hangers, military equipment storage struggles with corrosion. Hence, industrial units used at these places.
  • Water treatment plants and water pump rooms always have high moisture. Thus, industrial grade dehumidifier needed. And, high humidity can corrode pumping and treatment equipment. Hence, the industrial dehumidification system must.
  • Dehumidifier also uses in the data center, server room, and control room. It is because high humidity can cause malfunctioning of servers.
  • Also, it used for large Museum and Archive rooms. CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier UAE recently offered such a solution. 
  • Lower humidity always desired in food industries. The ice cream production plat needs a dehumidifier during its product and storage.
  • Dry fruits storage needs low humidity to maintain quality and test of dry fruits.
  • Dubai city always has high humidity due to proximity to the sea. Hence, critical places like ammunition room need an industrial desiccant dehumidifier.

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Why CtrlTech is the best industrial dehumidifier Manufacturer?

CtrlTech provides high quality and best industrial dehumidifier in UAE and other countries in middle east region. We manufacture, promote and supply a large number of models.Our industrial dehumidifier cost is low and it is used in all industries. Let’s see a brief introduction about these models:

Industrial dehumidifier in UAE by CtrlTech.

CD-85L dehumidifier.

CD-85L is an industrial-grade portable dehumidifier. This unit has an extraction capacity of 85 liters per day. Even though it has luxurious specifications, it is the most affordable unit. Sturdy wheels and non-corrosive casing are unique selling points of this model. On the top, it has an LCD control panel.

CDM-90L industrial dehumidifier UAE.

CDM-90L unit as the dehumidifying capacity of 90 liters per day. The casing made by a strong steel metal sheet. Thus, it can withstand rough use at construction sites. Above all, this unit has a built-in condensate tank. This unit is also a portable type plug and plays device.

AD 780 German Dehumidifier.

It is Germany made dehumidifier. High-quality construction and beautiful look are evidence of German quality. The industrial dehumidifier capacity is 78 liters per day. Besides, it has a working hour counter. CtrlTech industrial dehumidifier UAE is the exclusive dealer of Aerial.

FSD Series Floor-mounted type.

This kind of unit used for large spaces like helicopter or fighter planes hanger. This unit fitted with a powerful blower. Therefore, it can through dehumidified air to longer distance. This model is commonly known as warehouse dehumidifier.

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FAQs About Industrial Dehumidifier:

What is an industrial dehumidifier?

An industrial dehumidifier works on the same principle as that of any other dehumidification system. However, an industrial-grade system is designed with high-quality components to make it more robust, reliable, and durable.

What is the function of an industrial dehumidifier?

Many manufacturing, industrial, and construction activities need how humidity environment. For example, high moisture can damage drugs, food, electronics during its production and storage. Construction sites need to dry concrete quickly. An industrial dehumidifier helps create a low moisture climate to protect goods and speed up the processes.

What size industrial dehumidifier do I need?

An industrial dehumidifier sizing depends on the following factors

  1. The volume of the space.
  2. Required humidity level.
  3. Current humidity level.
  4. Nature of work in the room that needs to dehumidify.
  5. The numbers of people working in that space.

Use the above data and the online dehumidifier calculator to get the required dehumidifier size.

What are the applications of industrial dehumidifiers?

It is used to reduce humidity in the following areas.

  1. Warehouse dehumidification.
  2. Production and storage of Electronic gadgets.
  3. Inside server rooms and Datacenters.
  4. Use in Museum and Archive rooms to protect artifacts.
  5. Military and aviation equipment storage.
  6. Pharmaceutical industry.
  7. Food industry.
  8. Marine industry.

What are different type of industrial dehumidification system?

Portable, freestanding, ceiling mount, wall mount, and duct type dehumidifiers are its types based on the mounting. Based on the working principle, there are absorption and refrigerant industrial dehumidifiers.

How do industrial dehumidifiers work?

 A suction fan of industrial dehumidifiers pulls moist air into the unit. Moisture from the air gets separated due to condensation when this moist air passed over the unit’s cold coils. The condensed water gets stored in a tank, and dry air gets released into the room. With this cyclic process, the industrial dehumidification system reduces the humidity level.

What is the difference between industrial and residential dehumidifiers?

There is much distinct difference between these two types of systems

  1. Industrial or commercial dehumidifiers are robust, reliable, and durable than home or residential units.
  2. Commercial systems generally have a higher capacity.
  3. Home dehumidifiers cheaper than industrial dehumidifiers.
  4. A commercial dehumidification system has features like an inbuilt pump, auto-defrost, hygrostat, and humidistat.